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Students in this program will be exposed to some of the most challenging aspects of sailing possible. The program involves an instructional period to gain a familiarity with the boat, the preparations that are necessary for an offshore race, and the potential environment that may be experienced, as well as navigational instruction. We recommend that to get the maximum from this program that the student participate in the delivery process of the boat. This is the portion that is referred to as the cruising program. It takes place as we move the boat from its current port to the port from which the race commences.

The race segment of the program will test an individual's abilities and inner strengths while instilling a focus on the importance of teamwork. An offshore race takes place on the open ocean where the team works to maximize the speed and performance of the yacht, and try to out strategize the competing yachtsmen.

The exhilaration of surfing down a wave under spinnaker or heeling over and trimming to full power is an experience that will remain for the rest of the participants' life.


Most of our programs can lead to Canadian, U.S., and international certification. If this is of importance to you as a student please indicate this when discussing the program in which you plan to participate.

For further information and booking arrangements please contact:

Todd Barnard
Sailing School Atlantic
15 Bluestone Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3P 2H2
Phone: (902) 830-8225
Fax: (902) 477-8202

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