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  The Sailing School Atlantic (SSA) is an offshore and coastal sailing and racing school offering adult oriented sailing programs, which can receive national certification. We take pride in maintaining the CYA's standards of sailing excellence, and in our own high levels of achievement. Graduates of the SSA can receive national certification for the level achieved and international accreditation through the International Sailing Schools Association.

Our instructional programs are uniquely tailored to meet the demands of beginner or experienced sailors. Whether a novice or a shellback, the school provides the ideal environment to develop or polish sailing and navigational skills. We stress practical training and intensive personalized instruction. Every course is carefully designed and structured to maximize personal development and enjoyment. Students enrolled in the school become competent skippers or crew, prepared to enjoy the lifestyle and sport of sailing to its fullest. Our programs also include onboard emergency maintenance training to prepare the sailor for unexpected mechanical failures while at sea. 

We run our programs at various locations around the world which provides students with the opportunity to learn in some of the most exciting, breathtaking and challenging waters known to sailors. Locations are based on a schedule which changes from year to year depending on where offshore races or sailing regattas are taking place. Our packages incorporate the ability for a student to participate in an offshore racing adventure, localized regatta racing, or in a cruising program being conducted between the events as we move the yacht from port to port. Students can participate in any of the single programs or a combination of the above.


For further information and booking arrangements please contact:

Todd Barnard 
Sailing School Atlantic
15 Bluestone Road 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3P 2H2
: (902) 830-8225
: (902) 477-8202
E-Mail: sailingschoolatlantic@hotmail.com

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