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Learning the skills to successfully navigate a vessel across open ocean or along a coastline is a necessity for any sailor who desires to leave the security of a harbor. We instruct the students on how to prepare the boat for a cruise, how to live aboard for extended periods, navigation, preventive and emergency maintenance, and most importantly improved seamanship.

Our courses take place between various ports of call around the world, but focus largely on the North America's Atlantic Seaboard, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

The rugged coastline of North America's Atlantic Seaboard creates a setting that will introduce the student to skills that fishing schooner Captains required to work these waters. Weather conditions are ever changing in this region and will foster abilities in the student to deal with sudden changes in their sailing environment.

Sailing in the warm waters of the Caribbean, students will see abundant marine life and witness breathtaking sunsets. This makes for the finest learning environment available, and places an educational experience into a vacation like setting.


Most of our programs can lead to Canadian, U.S., and international certification. If this is of importance to you as a student please indicate this when discussing the program in which you plan to participate.

For further information and booking arrangements please contact:

Todd Barnard
Sailing School Atlantic
15 Bluestone Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3P 2H2
Phone: (902) 830-8225
Fax : (902) 477-8202

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